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Unifying the customer interface for multiple CSP networks

Building customer trust through a multi-network assurance platform - Phase III creates a multi-CSP platform where resources can be shared to meet the growing needs of enterprise customers

Ryan Andrew
18 Oct 2023
Unifying the customer interface for multiple CSP networks

Unifying the customer interface for multiple CSP networks

Commercial context

As mobile networks become more capable, enterprise customers are making use of them in increasingly sophisticated ways – yet guaranteeing these capabilities to agreed service levels can mean CSPs must rely on each another’s infrastructure. For example, a CSP may need another operator’s cellular infrastructure to deliver services in regions where its own are either undergoing maintenance or not present. What’s needed is a multi-CSP platform which can automate processes as required between operators, depending on the goals of the SLA.

The solution

The Building customer trust through a multi-network assurance platform – phase III Catalyst has been established to create such a solution. The goal is to create such a platform that supports SD-WAN products where one ‘overlay’ CSP owns the interface to the customer, but depends on services from different ‘underlay’ CSP(s) acting as if they were all from one source. As well as providing guaranteed service levels to the enterprise customer, the Catalyst is developing an accompanying customer portal, which features AI-guided operational assurance and orchestration capabilities.

The solution uses TM Forum Open APIs to interconnect participating networks to exhibit complete transparency between CSPs about how resources are being used. For example, the platform provides visibility of how SD-WAN services are being monetized, including real-time charging, performance and QoS implications. This also includes AI-guided experience monitoring and next-best decisioning at scale – services which will improve customer trust and proactively fill experience gaps to increase opportunities for upselling, where recommended.

The Catalyst takes the example of a smart factory containing next-generation manufacturing capabilities in multiple sites. These capabilities rely on advanced connectivity, control and intelligence to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve safety, and accelerate innovation. The platform makes it possible for such factory operations to improve inventory tracking, facility security, warehousing and logistics, predictive maintenance on assembly lines and beyond, and inspection and quality control.

Application and wider value

The solution enables CSPs to address the needs of their largest multi-national enterprise customers in a scalable manner by using the strengths from the constellation partner networks to achieve enhanced, reliable services. Moreover, enterprise customers will be able to do this via a single point of contact. As CSPs begin to concentrate their resources in specific ways and geographies to deploy compelling new SD-WAN services that rely on advanced technologies like 5G network slicing and cloud resources, a cooperative platform like this becomes essential. There are numerous industries that will reap the rewards from the combined power of networks, too – manufacturing, energy, utilities, and healthcare are just a few that will be transformed through the boom in intelligent devices. Now, these sectors will be able to deploy such devices with peace of mind that they can operate as intended, including for mission-critical operations.

Providing real-time, actionable insights into current and predicted service experiences across regions will deliver numerous benefits to society too. According to Jürgen Lumb, Solution Engineering B2B for Deutsche Telekom and Project Champion, “this gives CSPs the ability to cooperate with a wide variety of partners and complement our core assets in the network and service area. It’s a strong example of how CSPs can support multinational companies with cross-border connectivity requirements for myriad purposes. We’re proud to be able to contribute towards premium Internet access and software-based services – and this Catalyst takes us all a step closer towards making this as simple as flicking a switch.”

Catalyst: Building customer trust through a multi-network assurance platform- Phase III