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TM Forum Accelerate awards demonstrate advances in solving industry challenges

News Room
08 Feb 2024
TM Forum Accelerate awards demonstrate advances in solving industry challenges

TM Forum Accelerate awards demonstrate advances in solving industry challenges

TM Forum’s annual Accelerate event brings together technical experts from telcos and their partners to collaborate on architecting solutions to cross-industry challenges, building on the work they do together throughout the year.

The breadth of their achievements as the industry looks to leverage AI and move towards autonomous, software-based networks while simplifying operations is reflected in the event’s annual awards.

This year six TM Forum members picked up individual contribution awards for their vision and drive in helping the telecoms industry leverage new technologies and business models, and reduce complexity:

  • Derek Chen, Assistant Vice President, Hong Kong Telecom has played an instrumental role in several AI and automation projects, including AI Operations, Digital Twin for Decision Intelligence, Measuring and Managing Autonomy, and TechCo Organizational Design (TCOD).
  • Brian Cappellani, Vice President, Technology Strategy at Hansen Technologies is recognized for his involvement in the Open Digital Architecture (ODA) Components and Canvas project and for ensuring that component specifications rely on machine readable, implementable code.
  • Olivier Arnaud, functional architect, Orange, is one of the principal drivers behind the design and production of the CAMARA/GSMA Operate APIs, which complement CAMARA network APIs by providing a standardized way for operators to make interfaces commercially available to aggregators and developers.
  • Ayedime Amadi, Group SM, Enterprise Architecture and Customer Channels, MTN, has played a crucial role in TM Forum’s TechCo Organizational Design project, notably in culture and the impact of people on transitioning from a telco to a techco, and is the new Chair for the TCOD project.
  • Steve Ranford-Bragg, Principal Enterprise Architect, BT has been pivotal to the early success of a project to create a global, standardized solution for the telecommunications industry for the provisioning and fulfilment of wholesale broadband access, using context-specific Open APIs
  • Yun Li of AsiaInfo is recognized for her part in the in Zero Touch Partnering collaboration program activities, where she has given practical demonstrations of how to realize scalable partnering.

Three Catalyst teams also received awards for the outstanding contribution their work has made to TM Forum assets:

  • Intelligence & value-driven digital operation transformation for network

Participants in this Open Innovation Catalyst enhanced multiple autonomous network assets and collaborated closely on TCOD projects. The result provides a holistic approach to digital operations and management transformation, through the interlocking of value streams, AI-ready ODA components in OSS, and talent and organizational transformation.

  • Trustworthy computing transaction service

This team developed, delivered, tested and demonstrated new Gen 5 Open APIs that are designed to enable new revenue sharing capabilities within complex ecosystems.

  • Metaverse enablement through standard APIs

By collaborating on a reference architecture and end-to-end use cases using TM Forum Open APIs and CAMARA APIs, this team is creating assets that help members harness network-related domains to drive revenue growth.