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Service assurance steps out of the shadows

To meet customer expectations, CSP service assurance solutions must evolve to become cloud native, automated, predictive and extensible to the network edge.

Annie TurnerAnnie Turner
08 Dec 2021
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Service assurance steps out of the shadows

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Service assurance steps out of the shadows

The fundamental changes happening in network technologies and topologies that are rewriting operations are also affecting service assurance. This is driving a dramatic evolution that will move service assurance front and center in supporting operations, especially network automation. This e-book looks at how service assurance is evolving and can play a significant role in enabling CSPs achieve their automation goals now and as their networks and operations undergo profound change. This e-book describes:

  • What services assurance is today and what needs to change
  • How to transform service assurance for tomorrow by increasing intelligence and prediction
  • The five-year forecast for when service assurance will be fully automated