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My API Story: Facilitating seamless partner and project integrations

'TM Forum's Open APIs allow us to not only meet customer expectations swiftly but also implement industry best practices within our solutions.' -Mustafa Yusufoglu, Development Group Manager, Solution Architect, i2i Systems

Ailis Claassen
13 Sep 2023
My API Story: Facilitating seamless partner and project integrations

My API Story: Facilitating seamless partner and project integrations

Tell us about yourself and your job

I am the Development Group Manager at i2i Systems, an international information technology company specializing in the development of innovative solutions across Telco OSS/BSS domains and 5G network solutions. In my current role, I lead the Billing Product Development department and manage billing integration with peripheral products. Over the years, I've actively participated in TM Forum Information Framework and Open API standardization activities and contributed to numerous TM Forum Catalyst projects.

Why do you believe in TM Forum’s Open API program?

With a decade of experience crafting architectural designs in telecommunications, my focus has recently shifted towards developing products that are not only more reliable, flexible, and functional, but also innovative modular applications that will meet the demands of the future. In this context, I find the Open Digital Architecture (ODA) standardization and Open APIs indispensable.

What TM Forum Open APIs are most valuable to your company?

While i2i Systems adheres to all TMF Open APIs, several hold increased significance for us:

TMF637 - Product Inventory

TMF622 - Product Ordering Management

TMF666 - Account Management

TMF629 - Customer Management

TMF676 - Payment Management

TMF670 - Payment Method Management

TMF688 - Event Management

TMF621 - Trouble Ticket Management

Why did you choose to highlight those APIs?

At i2i Systems, we develop a wide range of products for various customers across multiple telecommunications domains. These APIs are integral to nearly all our products, as we engage with a range of partners in our projects. The APIs streamline integration processes, facilitating seamless product communication.

By embracing TMF Open APIs in our operations, we establish strong collaboration with both operators and partners. These APIs not only serve as a foundation for seamless communication, but also play a role in enhancing cooperation and innovation. Moreover, TMF Open APIs also enable us to build strong collaboration and mutual understanding with CSPs/DSPs and other product vendors.

How do you use those APIs?

i2i Systems has a longstanding commitment to developing products that comply with TM Forum standards. We have extended our conformance policy, which originated with frameworks (formerly SID, eTOM, and TAM), to include the Open API specifications and ODA standardization. This allows us to customize and expand APIs, meeting customer expectations and global trends, and enabling rapid time to market. These APIs involve all stakeholders in their refinement.

How have you benefited from using those APIs?

TM Forum's Open APIs, crafted with extensive expertise, allow us to not only meet customer expectations swiftly but also implement industry best practices within our solutions. Their interoperability allows us to progressively expand our BSS systems' capacity. The APIs pave the way for effortless integration of future APIs, all without necessitating any alterations to our existing framework.

Integration is the critical phase of project implementation, often posing significant challenges. TM Forum's Open APIs play a pivotal role during this critical stage, facilitating a standardized approach that aligns all parties and ensures a shared understanding.

Where do you use them?

We use Open APIs in collaboration with our customers and partners in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Have you used them in conjunction with any other APIs?

In the modern landscape, leveraging third-party software is essential in product development, and TMF Open APIs seamlessly integrate with third-party software and various i2i Systems products. For instance, we enable integration with the DMS-Document Management System through an adapter added to the TMF667_Document_Management API. Similarly, we have incorporated the TMF669_Party_Role_Management API into an Open Source Identity and Access Management System. This is why we opt for using TMF Open APIs in conjunction with our non-telco specific APIs and third-party APIs.