DTW Asia Catalyst awards shine spotlight on innovation

Joanne Taaffe

DTW Asia Catalyst awards shine spotlight on innovation

On the last day of Digital Transformation Asia 2023, TM Forum recognized the achievements of members' Catalyst teams, which are developing innovative solutions to some of the telecoms industry’s biggest challenges.

By accelerating R&D through a structured, agile and collaborative process, Catalyst projects prove the application of new technologies and validate emerging standards.

Independent judges at TM Forum's DTW Asia 2023 chose winning Catalysts projects from across four categories: Business Impact, Sustainability & Impact on Society, Showcase, and Best Innovation & Future Techco.

The winners were:

  1. Business Impact: Channels & markets - Phase II

What: Simplifying the formation of dynamic B2B2B marketplaces

Who: CSG, Microsoft and Nokia

2. Sustainability & Impact on Society: Translating customer needs into service and network intent- Phase II

What: CSPs’ migration to autonomous networks by demonstrating the negotiation process to be managed as part of the service order request; the monetization aspect to be handled as part of the intent-based request and closed loop automation across the roundtrip of design, deploy and assure

Who: Nokia, KDDI Research, Telus, Salesforce and Verizon

3. Showcase: Autonomous networks hyperloops - Phase IV.

What: Design and develop the global architecture for operations command centers, with hyperloop solutions as an enabling framework that will support critical operations and create new types of services.

Who: BeyondNow, ChungHwa, Futurewei, Orange, NTT, TIM, UBiqube and Verizon.

4. Best Innovation & Future Techco: The Metaverse experience: Re-inventing telco business - Phase II

What: Building valuable use scenarios for customer avatars in the metaverse, so that CSP can not only upsell existing products and services but also improve operational efficiency with an immersive experience.

Who: China Unicom, China Mobile, CAICT, SLT, AsiaInfo, Whale Cloud and Shenzhen Tianyuan-DIC

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