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Automation is happening in all parts of your organization impacting business, network and operational processes.  Embracing automation is now a board level issue and according to our latest research report, if done successfully, this can result in:

  • 80% reduction in process running costs
  • 200% increase in customer satisfaction by elimination of errors
  • 24×7 running of processes

Register for this webinar and understand how robotic process automation (RPA) can help you achieve greater efficiencies, improved customer experience and faster ROI.  You will gain insight on:

  • How RPA works and how it differs from other types of automation
  • Where to start implementing RPA
  • Which challenges limit RPA adoption and how to overcome them, such as concerns about security risks 
  • How TM Forum is helping organizations develop and execute successful RPA implementations


Pradeep Balakrishnan
Director, Telebots – Robotics Division

Chris McCasland
Vice President, Enterprise Service Delivery Operations

Barry Graham
Program Director, Agile & IT
TM Forum


Prodapt North America, Inc

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