Digitization has resulted in an explosion of new services, competitors and potential partners, giving rise to new, innovative business and delivery models, complex new technologies, highly competitive pricing – especially for traditional services that slide toward commoditization – and increasingly empowered, connected customers.

The rewards for successful digital transformation are huge. A landmark study conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Capgemini found that digital leaders as a group delivered 9 percent more revenue, were 26 percent more profitable and had 12 percent higher market valuations than their industry peers. Yet, there is still no single agreed-upon definition of what digital transformation entails, nor is there any kind of industry-specific map to help service providers navigate the way to success.

This webinar is based on our original research report, Digital transformation: Navigating the way to success, including survey data from 64 executives from 49 service providers.

Attendees will learn

  • How service providers are approaching digital transformation
  • The status of their programs
  • Their biggest challenges
  • Critical success factors
  • Their level of confidence in success
  • How a Digital Maturity Model can help them to create a roadmap to transformation

While the overall effort may seem daunting, the payback for leading companies who have made the commitment to digital business and have executed has been huge. We believe that service providers who can differentiate themselves with a superior digital strategy, whether they choose the path of solution provider or enabler, and demonstrate strong execution will be winners in the brave new digital world.


Rob Rich
Managing Director, TM Forum Insights Research

Ken Dilbeck
VP Strategic Programs
TM Forum


Intracom Telecom
NetCracker Technology

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