Customer Centricity

Based on a major TM Forum e-survey this webinar will explore how best practices for customer centricity looks in a multi-channel connected world.

It addresses how to drive value from customers that are constantly seeking the latest in innovative, dynamic services; explore how to deliver a seamless customer experience across the value chain – a true omnichannel experience; and understand the impact of customer centricity in emerging industries such as smart cities and connected cars.

Learn how to :
• Become truly customer centric in a connected world using tools like customer analytics and artificial intelligence (cognitive computing, machine learning and optimization)
• Deliver real time omnichannel customer experiences that adapt to and anticipate the needs of your customers — on their terms
• Create new IoT services that increase loyalty and reduce churn by leveraging analytics to personalize the customer experience
• Truly understand how a customer or prospect uses a combination of channels to interact with your products and services over time


Carie Whalen
Global Customer Intelligence Practice

Suzanne Clayton
Global Communications Practice

Nancee Ruzicka
President & Chief Strategist
ICT Intuition

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