This webinar will share the findings from a brand new research report AI: The time is now that provides the latest insights on artificial intelligence (AI) deployment and the future priorities of communications service providers (CSPs).

AI has emerged as the most exciting capability in today’s technology landscape. It’s potential is rich in large, complex organizations such as telecoms operators that generate massive amounts of data that can be fed into AI systems. Register for this webinar where Mark Newman, Chief Analyst at TM Forum, will provide insight on some of the key findings from the report reviewing:

  • What is AI and what are the key benefits?
  • How are CSPs using or planning to use AI?
  • How can AI improve customer experience and network and service management?
  • Why is AI critical in telecom networks?
  • What are the biggest challenges operators face and what steps do they need to take to embrace AI?

CSPs need to move quickly to embrace AI so that they can support the burgeoning internet of things (IoT) and deliver the kinds of services customers are demanding. Register for this webinar and understand what you and your organization need to do now to adopt and deploy AI.

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Mark Newman
Chief Analyst, TM Forum


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Etiya Information Technologies
Microsoft Corporation
Nuance Communications Ireland Limited
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