Who shouts loudest about virtualization?

New vendors’ voices will be louder about network virtualization developments than traditional ones, says Daniel Schaefer, Project Manager, Enterprise Transformation, Vodafone, “When new releases are delivered, like the primary network elements, it’s a much heavier task [for telcos] than simply adding a new service to a network.”

Is this because our expectations of traditional vendors are much higher? So we give them more complex problems to solve?

Schaefer reasons that while telcos have to cope with the convolutions of their environments, processes and technologies, a new vendor could simply integrate through an interface to provide a single service. He backs his claims with examples the internet that are simple and cheap to deploy, away from the complexities of telecom, saying,

“Like application servers…doing special jobs that are currently very expensive or very complex in the telco industry or telco-created environments…When I [compare] for example IMS servers and connecting applications servers for different purposes, to the network of the operating company, new vendors will perhaps have more [more to say].”

Getting there with NVF?

Shaefer also notes disparities on how far companies have progressed with configuring and onboarding virtual network elements: “The network elements that are historic, like web servers, seem to be very mature in what we find in the market.

“But the white box network elements that we connect anywhere, and that we can configure [as new services within new products,] I think they need much more development in the future.”

Watch the full discussion in the video below,  filmed at TM Forum’s Digital Leadership Summit in Dusseldorf:


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