NFV: Can 20 Tier 1s be wrong?

Although the 20+ Tier 1 operators Netcracker has been working with are at different stages of deploying network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN), “the thinking is pretty much the same: consolidate, rationalize and transform the legacy infrastructure OSS systems, and then make it future-proof, so they can easily transition to SDN, NFV,” according to Ari Banerjee, the company’s Vice President of Strategy.

Speaking during an interview at TM Forum’s Digital Leadership Summit in Dusseldorf, Banerjee added that slowly, baby steps have been taken.

“Some operators are taking greater strides than others – but there is a conscious movement to move into virtualization,” he said. “There are challenges; there are bottlenecks – that’s what we’re hearing, and I’m hoping with every year, there will be gradual progression, because that’s what’s going to drive the industry forward.”

He noted that many of the operators were talking about trials last year, operators that have now gone into a commercialization phase. Though we still haven’t witnessed full-scale deployment of SDN/NFV, he sees transition happening and believes future-proofing truly is the key:

“If I do not fix my house, before I start building the next story of the floor, the building is going to collapse. So let me fix it, let me align it, and then future-proof that. When I now build up new stories, it’s on a common foundation; it’s not ten different foundations.”

Watch the video below for the full interview:


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