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SK Telecom spells out wide-ranging AI ambitions

SK Telecom seeks greater telecoms industry collaboration to unleash the potential of AI.

01 Feb 2024

SK Telecom spells out wide-ranging AI ambitions

SK Telecom, which recently joined TM Forum, is seeking greater collaboration between telecoms operators on AI, as Chung Suk-geun, Chief AI Global Officer, SK Telecom explains to Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum.

The Korean communications service provider (CSP), which co-founded the Global Telco AI Alliance with Deutsche Telekom, e&, and Singtel in July last year, plans to make use of GenAI and traditional AI across its entire infrastructure, from data centers to microchips.

The company also wants to harness AI to transform its core mobile, broadband and enterprise businesses and to deliver new AI services, says Suk-geun. At the same time, he recognizes the challenges of AI deployment for telecom operators, and believes these are best addressed by the industry working together.

SK Telecom will collaborate with TM Forum, for example, to accelerate the industry’s move towards becoming AI-native, including extending the Open Digital Architecture (ODA) to be AI-ready.

Watch the video to find out more.