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5G is coming. Are you ready? Say “yes” to the future with Affirmed’s 5G-ready solutions

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Although 5G won’t officially arrive for a couple years, we know the network will need to be more flexible, more scalable, more intelligent, and less expensive to operate. At Affirmed Networks, we built our solutions with the future in mind—enabling operators to build a 5G-Ready Network now.


It is a Cloud Native Core.

The core architecture is natively decomposed, separating the user and control planes so virtual network functions (VNFs) can be scaled independently.

  • Orchestration – Resources are more loosely coupled and service providers gain the ability to create clusters of resources, perform load balancing across their entire network, and connect functions more effectively to deliver new services.
  • Decoupled Applications and State Store – The data store and session state are separated from the network element itself, allowing VNFs to become transaction processing engines that can deliver higher levels of performance, while increasing resiliency and simplify operational processes.
  • External Load Balancing – VNFs run as independent, small instances.
  • Containers – Functions and services are placed into containers, enabling mobile operators to orchestrate, create, and deploy applications with more agility and speed.


It Supports Network Slicing.

While network slicing has become more visible with the arrival of 5G, mobile operators can benefit from slicing today. Affirmed supports existing slicing capabilities APN, MOCN, and DECOR and also offers an advanced slicing function called the Virtual Slice Selection Function (vSSF).

Slicing enables mobile operators to match the capabilities of network to the service it is delivering, dramatically improving the profitability of their services.

The vSSF transparently inserts into an existing network, physical or virtual, and provides fine grained slicing of traffic by a variety of criteria, such as Time of Day, Location of Network, Device Type, Gateway loading, Specific UE (IMSI/MSISDN), UE location, and more. Combining the vSSF with Virtual EPC instances,  Automation, and Virtual Probes, enables operators to deliver services faster to market with a guaranteed quality of experience.


It is Optimized for Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT will place new demands on mobile networks to handle traffic sessions with widely different characteristics, from  low-latency, high-bandwidth traffic to delay-tolerant, low-bandwidth traffic.

Affirmed’s IoT offering provides  comprehensive support for 2G/3G, LTE, LTE-M, and NB-IoT Services (CSGN). Affirmed provides advanced functions, such as an SCEF and the  Affirmed IoT Service Platform (AISP).


It Simplifies Operations, Improves Network Quality and Helps Identify New Services with Real-Time Analytics.

The Affirmed vProbe delivers integrated network probe and monitoring capabilities that is co-located with mobile network functions. This results in several immediate benefits to mobile operators:

  • Improves network quality of service
  • Reduces network support costs by more than 50%—eliminating the need for a separate probe appliance
  • Provides real-time network analytics that allow mobile operators to better target new services and help enforce SLAs across a variety of network slices, from M2M to industry vertical solutions.


It Helps Operators Create and Launch New Mobile Services Faster with Automation.

The Affirmed Service Automation Platform (ASAP) is a next-generation automated service creation and orchestration platform that revolutionizes the way mobile services are created, tested, and deployed.

ASAP can dramatically accelerate the service creation process, reducing the cost and time required to launch new mobile services by as much as 97%. This is a game-changer that allows mobile operators to increase revenue more quickly and compete more effectively.

  • Supports seamless service configuration across multi-vendor legacy and virtual network elements.
  • Accelerates and simplifies service creation with GUI-based drag-and-drop screens;
  • User of ASAP is freed from the tyranny of custom-built connectors and static service models. (i.e., roll-your-own service models and roll-your-own connectors);
  • Provides broad service automation and orchestration across a wide range of standard network element interfaces, including SOAP, REST, NETCONF/YANG and CLI;
  • Provides a complete configuration management across multi-vendor virtual and physical network elements and network-wide service instances.


You don’t need to wait for the 5G revolution to experience the freedom of network virtualization, network orchestration, service automation, seamless mobility and pervasive network intelligence. And you don’t need to make short-term network investments that don’t align with your long-term plans. You can meet the challenges of today and tomorrow with Affirmed Networks—and enter the 5G future with a competitive advantage (and new revenue momentum).

To learn more about our portfolio of 5G-ready solutions, visit us at affirmednetworks.com



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