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Mind the gap: Who understands the network?


Service providers need to fully understand their business in order to make the right strategic decisions. Today, it is a challenge in many organizations to understand what is happening in the network when customers complain. 2solve is a simple solution in the OSS space that effectively fills the gap of network visibility to the main part of the service provider organization. It supplements existing CEM and traditional OSS tools, enabling much faster incident handling.

Even for a mature organization which is highly efficient using traditional methods and tools, there is a potential gain of several million Euros per year by applying smart technology for automated incident diagnostics.

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About The Author

Lars Moltsen is the Chief Science Officer and co-founder of 2operate, the innovative provider of 2solve - OSS with a brain. Lars Moltsen is a true entrepreneur with a strong technical background. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Aalborg University and he has 20 years of experience from a range of multi-national R&D projects, primarily in the area of software and telecommunications, some of which are under the European Commission, EUREKA, and European Space Agency (ESA). Prior to launching his first start-up company in 2003, Lars Moltsen worked as an R&D specialist in Nokia, and before that in Danish AI solutions provider, Hugin Expert. He founded 2operate in 2009 together with two former colleagues, secured investments, and steered the company into early growth phase. Lars Moltsen has authored one patent (UMTS R99 access control algorithms) along with several conference and journal papers.

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