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It wasn’t long ago that application program interfaces (APIs) were largely limited to the technical domain, but as companies embrace digital transformation and begin to take a platform business model approach to building connected ecosystems, APIs are becoming a significant catalyst for business growth. McKinsey refers to APIs as “the connective tissue in today’s ecosystems.” Gartner agrees, stating that APIs are now critical to interconnecting “people, places, systems, data, things and algorithms…”

In short, APIs allow businesses to connect, forge profitable partnerships, monetize data and innovate. They also help businesses become a lot more efficient, both in terms of reducing operational and technology costs as well as the time it takes to get new products to market.

Read this ebook to understand:

  • How telcos can participate in the open API economy
  • The different approaches to a platform business
  • How BT began a successful transformation strategy by deploying a single API
  • What the drivers and challenges are around API adoption
  • How platforms and APIs can improve customer centricity
  • Where TM Forum Open APIs have been deployed
  • How to determine return on investment for APIs
  • Strategies for adopting Open APIs

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