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This is a unique collection of case studies and cutting-edge research from leading smart city thinkers and implementers from around the globe.

It’s clear from the examples and presentations we saw throughout the recent Smart City Infocus conference that we are moving from one-off initiatives to a more holistic approach, not only within individual cities but also across regions, countries and the globe.

Another major trend is that cities increasingly view themselves as enablers of digital services, and are interested in exploring platform-based technology and business models to make this a reality. Examples of first steps were demonstrated throughout the event, from the art of curating the right ecosystem of partners, through to making data available as the fuel of innovation.

Cities spotlighted include Moscow, San Diego, Los Angeles, Groningen, Yinchuan, Barcelona and many more.

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Annie Turner has been researching and writing about the communications industry since the 1980s, editing magazines dedicated to the subject including titles published by Thomson International and The Economist Group. She has contributed articles to many publications, including national and international newspapers such as the Financial Times and International Herald Tribune, and a multitude of business-to-business titles. She joined the TM Forum in 2010 and is responsible for overseeing the content of the Research and Publications portfolio.

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