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Cities are sitting on masses of data. Exposing it for use by citizens, developers and businesses can unleash innovation, efficiencies and monetization opportunities. It can also help cities to demonstrate transparency and build trust with citizens.

By offering as rich a dataset as possible, cities can enable developers to create applications that improve life in the city and generate revenue. And by breaking data out of departmental silos, they can make better decisions based on data from multiple sources, such as real-time environmental data and traffic management patterns. Eventually data could be shared across cities to support wider innovations and a smart region, smart nation approach.

The challenge is creating a secure, transparent environment where public data can be exposed and businesses can also contribute their data and be paid for it.

Read this report to learn about:

  • The opportunities for using open data and paid-for data in cities to create an ‘economy of data’
  • The progress that cities globally have made so far in this area
  • Some examples of innovation and achievement
  • The challenges around getting started
  • Practical takeaways to apply to a data-driven strategy
  • Some tools for success that will help you on your journey

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