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It’s not what you think – automating to get rid of staff and to replace business process automation and macros. As this report explains, the four big advantages delivered by robotics process automation (RPA) are:

  • customer satisfaction
  • employee satisfaction
  • greater revenues and profits
  • security and reliability.

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving these ends through RPA is misunderstanding how and where it can be deployed. Read this report to understand:

  • how RPA works and how it’s different from other kinds of automation;
  • where to begin and ROI;
  • how network operators have used it and their gains; and
  • how RPA can be implemented in multi-vendor environments, including legacy applications and platforms.

From the report:

“I think if you have clean information and a very clean process, the possibilities are endless,” says Chris McCasland, Vice President, SVD Operations.

What could RPA do for your business?

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