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By intelligently harnessing the huge amounts of data exchanged between billions of connected devices on a daily basis, the Internet of Everything (IoE) will give rise to a market of applications we haven’t even dreamed of yet. Within a few short years it’s safe to say there will be tens of billions of interconnected devices, with market projections ranging from 20 billion to more than 50 billion by 2020.

But with its exciting new possibilities, the IoE is also hugely complex and a minefield of risks and challenges for the unprepared service provider. Not least because of the need to manage and monetize diverse new services across multi-tenant platforms, with multiple partner ecosystems using all kinds of emerging technologies.

For this, our second Insights Research report on managing IoE services end to end, we surveyed 40 communications service providers to find out how they are approaching IoE and what the biggest challenges are. Two of the most important issues to address are improving network security and changing the culture and mindset of their organizations both internally and externally to embrace IoE.

Read this report to understand:

  • Which IoE verticals have the most potential
  • How communications service providers are monetizing or plan to monetize IoE services
  • Why a platform business model makes sense
  • Why orchestration and open APIs are necessary
  • What the challenges are for monetizing and managing IoE services end to end
  • Why security is so important
  • How to partner to deliver services
  • What customers expect from the IoE
  • Which emerging technologies will help with IoE deployment
  • Steps to take to develop a successful IoE strategy

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Phil has held a variety of product management, marketing and development roles for a number of high tech companies for over 25 years including small product innovation and larger multinational organizations. Key areas of expertise include test and measurement, operations support systems and the internet of things. Phil is founder and director of 4Content Marketing which provides marketing and consultancy services to the telecoms industry.

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