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Platform companies like Airbnb, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and Uber have achieved billion-dollar valuations simply by providing an interface between customers and sellers. They don’t own anything except infrastructure – and in some cases, not even that. They build their businesses by curating ecosystems that link end customers or users with producers of goods and/or services.

They have created a so-called platform economy worth $2.2 trillion a year, and it’s growing fast. Clearly platforms are the place to be, but it’s probably less clear how your company can participate in and benefit from this revolution. Communications service providers are uniquely placed to turn their networks and operational and business support systems inside out, just like Amazon did, and expose them to third-party producers and consumers.

Many are already starting to do it and this ebook will help you understand the role communications service providers and their partners can play in the platform economy and how to get started.

To get the maximum benefit from this short guide, make sure you also take advantage of its companion ebook, Open APIs: Turning business strategy into reality, which is also free to download.

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Dawn Bushaus began her career in technology journalism in 1989 at Telephony magazine, which means she’s been writing about networking for a quarter century. (She wishes she didn’t have to admit that because it probably gives you a good idea of how old she really is.) In 1996, Dawn joined a team of journalists to start a McGraw-Hill publication called, and in 2000, she helped a team at Ziff-Davis launch The Net Economy, where she held senior writing and editing positions. Prior to joining TM Forum, she worked as a freelance analyst for Heavy Reading.


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