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Perspectives: Digital transformation opens new markets

Perspectives 2017

Welcome to our annual collection of short, thought-provoking articles covering many aspects of digital transformation. Here you’ll find inspiration, information and aspiration.

The first section looks at markets and customers – the reasons we do what and want to progress in the digital economy. We explore how:

  • APIs stand for a profit increase
  • customers’ data can be a goldmine
  • the internet of everything offers operators a world of opportunity
  • digital trust is life in the fast line according to Tesla Motors’ first CIO
  • a 360-degree view is the only way to look at customers
  • complying with new European legislation (GDPR) is a team effort.

Next we look at business transformation. Check out:

  • how mature is your digital transformation?
  • why NFV gives operators the chance to lead in cloud
  • the critical strategic role of APIs
  • are you leveraging your network effects?
  • when short-term partnerships mean big, long-term growth
  • revenue assurance rebooted – hard.

And we finish strongly with the stuff that can make it happen – the technology:

  • you should care about microservices now
  • OSS/BSS – no end-game, only the art of reinvention
  • the attack of the 5G-enabling drones
  • selfies (self-organizing networks) must go mainstream for IoE
  • moving BSS to the cloud.

Enjoy, think, deploy.

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