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As enterprises worldwide explore the Internet of Everything (IoE), connectivity  is a critical part of their business so network performance, reliability and security become essential.

This involves more than managing the network. While that task alone has become infinitely more complex and difficult with the addition of network function virtualization and convergent access networks, OSS must now extend beyond the network elements to include IT and application infrastructure, services, products, customers and partners.

Service providers will readily agree that automation is the answer to improving the time-to-market for new digital services and responding more quickly in the event of a failure. However, automating processes that span multiple OSS platforms and data stores has proven difficult if not impossible. The result is that there are still many manual tasks, spreadsheets and swivel chair operations.

Success in the area of OSS federation is bringing some semblance of order to an otherwise chaotic legacy OSS landscape. This report discusses:

  • Looming OSS challenges that will impact the public network
  • The nature of OSS federation
  • Managing resource inventory
  • The role of legacy OSS
  • Where to start
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