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Virtualization of communications service providers’ networks and operations has massive implications for customers. It promises to give them unparalleled control over the services they use, from provisioning to consumption, bringing efficiencies, economies and terrific agility. However, ensuring customers get the full benefits of operators’ move to virtualization and automation across their businesses is a big and difficult task.

Increasingly networks and operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS) will have to function as part of multi-partner ecosystems to deliver next-generation services, which is a major change, particularly culturally and operationally. At the same time, network operators will have to manage services end-to-end in a combined physical and software-enabled – hybrid – environment for some years to come. This will require integration, orchestration and management of many new and existing systems and processes.

Read this report to understand:

  • How NFV and SDN can help service providers improve customer centricity
  • How customers can benefit
  • What a digital user experience is and which features are most important
  • Why self-service is essential for customers
  • Why delivering a digital user experience is difficult
  • The roles management, orchestration, analytics and security play in delivering a digital user experience
  • How TM Forum Catalyst projects are helping service providers learn more about delivering a digital user experience

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