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If you are a business or technology leader trying to understand the implications and opportunities presented by the emerging world of the Internet of Everything (IoE), you are not alone. This whitepaper is aimed at leaders developing strategies to navigate the uncharted IoE world.

Unlike other whitepapers about IoE that provide a snapshot of challenges within a specific industry vertical, this whitepaper catalogs the common challenges encountered across multiple industry sectors. It is designed to provide you with insights and options, and to map the challenges to existing best practices to help you translate challenges into actionable steps.

The content is based on input from leading IoE industry experts from operators and suppliers working across multiple sectors. Using this input as a basis for the research, we have compiled and explained the top 20 common challenges covering three logical domains of interest:

  • Markets  and customers
  • Business
  • Technology

Using the TM Forum collaborative ecosystem we aim to help you look at the emerging IoE world through a different lens and from new perspectives, so we can all learn to adapt to our changing environment together.

If you are a leader seeking to answer to these questions, then this paper is for you:

  1. What are the most common challenges?
  2. How can TM Forum help?

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