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Pressed by high penetration of traditional services, continued competition, and disintermediation by over-the-top players, wireless service providers are struggling to increase revenues. All the while most service providers are sitting on a potential gold mine: their customers’ data. Service providers have mounds of it and increasingly are looking to monetize it. Moreover, new tools and technologies have made it far more practical and less costly to extract, model, enrich and anonymize this data.

The fact is, sharing of wireless customer data, with proper safeguards, can benefit not only the service provider but also companies in other industries, governments and ultimately the customers themselves.

Using the data, governments can better understand their constituents, services and infrastructure; companies can better understand customers and prospects; and users can receive more relevant and timely information and services.

The purpose of this Quick Insights is to aid service providers in understanding the opportunities and impediments for external monetization of customer data, and to provide a series of recommendations for approaching monetization.

Read this report to understand:

  • why service providers are so well placed to leverage data on customers in the digital economy
  • why and how sharing data – done right – is a win for all parties, including customers
  • the size of the potential market
  • examples of where and how customer data could be used by third parties an exploration of the evolving regulatory landscape and its implications
  • what you can do right now
  • models, guidelines and tools that are freely available, immediately
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