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The executive summary includes an infographic showing the report’s key findings. You can download the full report here.

Digital transformation has become somewhat of an obsession for CSPs. But investors and shareholders don’t seem to share their enthusiasm. Why?

Privately, senior-level CSP executives say it’s because investors are only concerned with short- to medium-term gains, while CSPs are worried about their long-term profitability. This is one of the many insights gained in our report, Digital Transformation Tracker 1: The race is on.

This report delivers the results of our first-ever Digital Transformation Tracker (DTT), a biannual survey that we hope will become an essential tool to help CSPs and their suppliers track sentiment and real-life progress of digital transformation.

We surveyed 185 executives from 93 unique CSPs operating in 64 countries, and 175 executives from 75 unique supplier companies. We also conducted dozens of follow-up interviews to discuss the survey results.

Our key findings? Digital transformation is happening worldwide, and operators (and their customers) are starting to reap the benefits of simplification and virtualization. But overall, CSPs need to pick up the pace in the race to transform.

Read this report to understand:

  • What digital transformation is
  • What TM Forum’s Digital Maturity Model is
  • How the Digital Transformation Tracker works
  • The vision CSPs have for their future
  • Where CSPs are on their transformation journeys
  • What the main drivers are for change
  • The role customers play
  • What the biggest challenges are
  • Why network transformation is important to broader digital transformation
  • How operators feel about 5G
  • Next steps operators can take to ensure success

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