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For communications service providers, digital transformation is not just an ideal – it’s a mandate. Customers want to be in control of their own services, with access to new ones on demand. The business models of digital natives like Amazon and Google provide this kind of flexibility and threaten to relegate network operators to delivering only connectivity if they don’t transform their business processes, networks and support systems.

While many operators are making progress, there is still no single agreed-upon definition of what digital transformation entails, nor is there any kind of industry-specific map to help service providers navigate the way to success. For this Insights Research report, our first on digital transformation, we surveyed 64 executives from 49 communications service providers about their plans. Find out how they are going about transformation and what kinds of tools they’re working on to evaluate progress.

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Rob has more than 15 years' experience in market research and consulting, including two years as an independent consultant, 11 years as Executive Vice President of Communications, Networking Research & Consulting for the Yankee Group, and two years as Director of Communications Equipment and Services at Dataquest.

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