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Communications has evolved from convenience to necessity. For customers, there is no longer fixed or wireless, voice, data or video – only devices and applications. Televisions, handsets, vehicles, sensors and any variety of ‘things’ are the devices, while voice, text, video, banking, spreadsheets, payroll, supply chain and more are applications in the cloud. Connectivity is transparent, and delivering reliable digital services requires the seamless integration of multiple partners and technology suppliers worldwide but this is incredibly difficult to pull off.

This report provides a clear understanding of:

  • What a digital service provider is
  • Why the alternative business structures needed to sustain global ecosystems and partnerships are difficult to initiate and even more difficult to execute correctly.
  • What the most significant and difficult changes to the business and to operations will be for communications service providers transforming into digital service providers.
  • What the current state of play is in the IoE and the challenges associated with delivering the complex digital services required to make IoE successful for customers in any industry.
  • The role partners play in delivering IoE connectivity and how much progress has been made in developing partnerships.
  • Why security is so important.
  • What this means for service providers, actions they should take and tools to help them.

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With over 25 years of experience in ICT engineering and operations, Nancee is a trusted advisor to executives in the areas of ICT strategy and planning, market research, product development, communications, and ICT solution integration.

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