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What are your customers experiencing right now? If you don’t know, your company’s brand, revenue, profitability, growth and perception among customers, investors, regulators and partners are all at risk.

That’s a lot on the line, but we all know delivering excellent customer experience is easier said than done. This report includes five short case studies from diverse operators around the world – BT Global Services, Ethio Telecom, Saudi Telecom Company, Telecom Italia and Vodafone South Africa – to see how they approach the issue.

And it’s a never-ending quest, as customers’ expectations rise and services are increasingly delivered through partnerships. Public Wi-Fi is a great example. Aggregators package service from multiple hotspot owners and then resell it to their cable, mobile and telco partners. Typically, the brand selling the services has little or no visibility into its partners’ networks, but the brand that takes the hit when experience doesn’t match expectations.

Read this report to understand:

  • Digital services, deregulation and other factors have put customers in charge – and made customer experience a priority in the process
  • Why bundling and group plans complicate the tasks of understanding and improving customer experience
  • Customer experience can save and earn money for operators
  • How communications service providers are approaching customer experience and what they’ve learned
  • Using personas and journey maps provide deep, actionable and often unforgettable insight into customers’ needs and wants
  • Analyzing what customers say and how they say it is key for identifying customers at risk of churning or complaining to their social networks
  • How TM Forum’s Catalyst program can help operators improve customer centricity, quickly and at low cost


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  1. Hello,

    I agree with your approach to customer experience.

    Considering the fact that technology is moving rapidly forward introducing new gadgets and high efficiency tools we cut back on overhead and unnecessary expenses.

    Manufacturing organizations replace people with robots, as they say “robots do not take time off? or “coffee breaks or workers compensation injuries, not to mention that robots are much more efficient and precise.

    At the same time we need problem solving leaders and individuals who can answer a question quickly and give the provider a sense to connect and share.

    Business thrive from customer satisfaction, saving time, energy, money and feeling validated at the same time.

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