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A handful of companies have achieved astounding success by becoming digital, but most are finding the transition daunting and difficult. Hardly surprising as the transformation demands integrated change across all aspects of an organization, from including strategy to leadership, customer engagement, product and service development, organization and culture, and operations.

Companies in the communications services industry need an agreed roadmap that describes the journey to digital maturity, and a corresponding set of metrics to help service providers measure their progress. And we’re working on it by developing a Digital Maturity Model and Metrics.

The team has an ambitious set of goals to deliver a first pass of the Digital Maturity Model and Metrics (DMMM) by May 2017. These tools will immediately benefit the communications industry, providing the common vocabulary and an objective way to assess a company’s current state on the journey to becoming a digitally mature organization.

We need your help to make it happen.This whitepaper explains more and also provides details on how you can get involved — for example, through a series of workshops and meetings.

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Managing Director, Insights Research

Rob has more than 15 years' experience in market research and consulting, including two years as an independent consultant, 11 years as Executive Vice President of Communications, Networking Research & Consulting for the Yankee Group, and two years as Director of Communications Equipment and Services at Dataquest.


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    I am an IT Enterprise Architect at nbnco, the government enterprise rolling out and operating FTTx in Australia. Our EA group is happy to make a contribution to a Digital Maturity Model and Metrics (DMMM) by May 2017.

    I am in Melbourne, VIC (UTC+10hrs).

  2. I’m a retired State Government, Department of Transportation, Public/Legislative Affairs Officer. I worked with Project Design Engineers, Local City, County Piblic Works as well as public and civic groups and business chamber of commerce on traffic management plans, that included vafious forms of media and public outreach stragies. Also, during the constrjctiom phase of the project, claims sere not uncommon, and I would consult our legal staff on these issues. I have a personal love of the Web and Web Applocations on particular. With the expansion of disclosure laws and greater acceptability of companies to track and document all employee work related activities, I would like to develop applications that serve this need. Unfortunately, I don’t have any coding skills to facilitate the coding design architecture of these applications, but I am looking into using UML design methods. I’m concurently trying to learn about database design methods. I’m a real novice with regards to database design, tools, data entery, collection, manipulation etc. So any informed suggestion would be greatly appreciated

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