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Moving BSS into the cloud is not a strategic objective for any communications service provider (CSP), and some wonder how they’ll ever accomplish it. Yet cloud BSS can help operators achieve many of their objectives for digital transformation: As CSPs deliver more cloud-based products and services, enabling them with cloud-based support systems makes good business sense.

We surveyed 50 executives from 49 unique CSPs about their progress. Interestingly, although 74 percent of respondent have less than 10 percent of their BSS in the cloud, many expect this to increase dramatically by 2020.

Yet many do not have a roadmap for migrating BSS to the cloud, and in most cases the drivers are from other strategic and commercial objectives rather than being the end goal. In addition, it turns out that many who question the benefits of moving BSS to the cloud simply have a different definition of cloud BSS.

Still, issues around data privacy and latency mean that there is no medium-term prospect for migrating functions such as policy and charging into the cloud. Despite these and other unanswered questions about cloud BSS, operators are optimistic about making progress.

We have identified several key strategic and commercial drivers that we believe will accelerate adoption:

  • The desire to shift to new commercial models with BSS vendors
  • The need to accelerate time to market capabilities
  • Setting up new lines of business with a dedicated BSS
  • The shift to Net Promoter Score as a driver of BSS strategy
  • Introducing personalized and context-aware offers to customers
  • Launching ‘skinny’ services to cut IT costs.

Read on to allow your BSS to take flight.

Author, Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum

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Mark Newman is an analyst with 25 years of experience delivering insights on the future of the telecoms sector to senior level executives and audiences. Mark’s recent research has focussed on telecoms operator business models, digital transformation, service provider diversification, and the intersection between Internet and telecoms. He delivers analysis, presentations, strategy sessions and workshops to global audiences, helping them to plan for the changes that technology and disruptive new business models that will fundamentally transform their businesses. Mark was Chief Research Officer at Informa Telecoms & Media and Ovum before leaving to set up his own research firm, ConnectivityX, in 2016. He joined the TM Forum as Chief Analyst in February 2017.

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