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Service providers are finding that the world is rapidly changing as we move to the digital era. Customer needs are changing, competition is rising, product alternatives are exploding and the need for speed is ever accelerating.

The digital world is changing virtually everything for service providers.

This report will discuss:

  • How the digital world is impacting service providers
  • Why BSS evolution is a top priority
  • What the requirements are for success
  • Critical success factors for systems evaluation and implementation.

The digital world is emerging at an ever accelerating pace. Service providers must address their BSS or be left behind.

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About The Author

Managing Director, Insights Research

Rob has more than 15 years' experience in market research and consulting, including two years as an independent consultant, 11 years as Executive Vice President of Communications, Networking Research & Consulting for the Yankee Group, and two years as Director of Communications Equipment and Services at Dataquest.

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