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Cloud computing is raining down on seems like every industry and is widely recognized as essential for making business grow in this digital climate. So what’s going on, when network operators are using cloud tech to virtualize their networks and offer cloud services to their customers, yet they are slow to move their customer-facing business support systems (BSS) to the cloud?

We’ve got the tech, we get the advantages, what’s the hold-up when everybody’s doing it?
Recent research from RightScale found that 95 percent of 1,000 companies surveyed across a broad variety of sectors are either running cloud applications or are experimenting with infrastructure as a service.

At the same time, heavyweights like Amazon and Microsoft are continuing to grow their user bases and portfolios, and others are joining the fray – often through big acquisitions.

This report assesses service providers’ adoption of cloud-based BSS to understand the drivers, barriers and key decision factors regarding this critical part of service providers’ IT portfolios.

Read this report to understand:
• the benefits of cloud-based applications the drivers for cloud BSS
• where service providers are deploying cloud-based BSS
• why they aren’t adopting cloud more quickly
• what the key challenges are in moving to cloud BSS
• how BSS delivers business value in the digital age
• how to ensure successful deployment of cloud BSS.

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