Time to kill the RFP? Reinventing IT procurement for the 2020s: Volumes 1 & 2

This report looks at the state of network and IT technology procurement in the telecoms industry and why it must change.

Mark Newman

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Time to kill the RFP? Reinventing IT procurement for the 2020s: Volumes 1 & 2

Originally divided into two volumes with the first assessing the state of play in IT procurement today, this report now also includes concrete steps for improving and in some cases overhauling CSPs' procurement processes. This is one of the most comprehensive research projects the Research & Media team has undertaken. Since last September when we started the project, we have conducted in-depth briefings with 35 major telecoms organizations. They include CSPs across five continents with a combined base of 2.5 billion mobile subscribers and the world’s largest IT vendors and systems integrators. Such an enormous project would not be possible without this input, so we thank everyone who participated. In particular we’d like to thank the sponsors of the report: Amdocs, China Mobile, Huawei, MYCOM OSI, Reliance Jio and SAP. Read this report to understand:

  • How CSPs buy technology and services
  • What an RFP is and why the RFP process is broken
  • How CSPs and suppliers feel about current procurement processes and what the challenges are
  • How much (bad) procurement is costing the telecoms industry
  • What effect procurement has on innovation and why Agile practices are hard to implement
  • How procurement needs to change
  • What a new procurement process should entail