Digital Transformation Tracker 4: The culture wars of transformation

Without cultural change (and that includes leadership) telecoms operators will continue to make slow progress in their digital transformation initiatives.

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Digital Transformation Tracker 4: The culture wars of transformation

In this fourth edition of the Digital Transformation Tracker (DTT), we have returned once again to the crucial issue of culture. Since we published our DTT 2 report, almost two years ago, the industry has started to accept that transformation is more about cultural change than the adoption of new technologies. Or rather, the true benefit of new technologies can only be realized with cultural change.

As with previous DTT reports we based our research on a large survey of communications service providers (CSPs) and their technology suppliers. Indeed, CSP respondents included nearly 150 executives from more than 75 unique companies. About 40% of responses were from executives working in IT and operations, while 16% came from people working on the network side of the business. In addition to identifying the main issues around culture, we sought to come up with potential remedies. The transition to Agile software development has been inching forward within CSPs for the last five years or so, but rolling this out at scale is a different matter entirely. In this report we assess the pros and cons of several Agile approaches.

Read this report to understand:

  • How executives working inside CSP and supplier organizations feel about digital transformation
  • How those perceptions have changed (or not changed) over three years
  • Whether operators expect to deliver services beyond connectivity
  • What the primary drivers and roadblocks are for digital transformation
  • How culture (and staff size) is changing within CSP organizations
  • Which new capabilities and skills CSPs need and where they can find them
  • What scaled agile frameworks are and how CSPs are using them.