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Experience customer centricity with Open APIs

In the highly competitive, hyper-connected and ever-evolving digital marketplace, customer centricity is more important than ever before.

Achieving an excellent customer experience is not just about providing the products that customers want and anticipating their rapidly-changing needs, but also about making products simple to order and accessible.

The TM Forum’s suite of Open APIs addresses these needs by enabling organizations to rapidly innovate their products, to seamlessly integrate with new partners to extend their value chains, and to plug in to new user interfaces to deliver an intuitive user experience.

In 2017, DGIT implemented TM Forum Open APIs, through our Telflow quote-to-cash platform, to power Vodafone New Zealand’s Wholesale & Global platform. This implementation enables customers and partners to integrate with Vodafone Wholesale, and allows Vodafone Wholesale to launch new products rapidly through multiple digital channels.

Using the APIs has helped to transform the Vodafone Wholesale business and its relationship with its customers, resulting in a significant improvement in Vodafone Wholesale’s customer NPS scores.

In our session at this year’s Digital Transformation World, Dr Lester Thomas, Vodafone Global Chief System Architect, and myself, Mark Spoelstra CTO of DGIT Systems, are teaming up to show you the highlights of Vodafone Wholesale’s API-driven platform, and to demonstrate a tangible, real-life example of using the TM Forum APIs to enhance customer centricity.

We’ve created a simple smartphone app for product ordering which is connected to the Telflow platform and powered by the following four TM Forum APIs:

  • Party management: To allow a customer to create an account on our mobile app.
  • Product qualification: To determine whether a customer is eligible to place an order for our product.
  • Product ordering, To communicate with the catalog to retrieve our product offering, its characteristics (such as pricing and technical options) and its order capture template.
  • Product inventory: To instantiate our new product into active inventory.

Figure 1: The four TM Forum APIs used in our demonstration mobile app.

In our demonstration, we’ll create and publish a product live using Telflow, and then we’ll invite audience members to download the app and order the product for themselves. There are in-app rewards to be won for lucky audience members, so make sure you bring your smartphone to the demonstration to be in the running!


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    Chief Technology Officer

    Mark Spoelstra joined DGIT as an Engineer in 2005. Mark has been a key player in the growth of DGIT Systems and has progressed from Engineer to Architect to DGITs head of Engineering. Initially Mark worked on OSS assignments for a number of Australia’s larger Telecommunications companies and then notably he was the Principal Architect for DGITs award winning Telflow product. Mark has holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Computing) from Victoria University.

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