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Smart cities: Transforming disruptive technology into new business models

The 2018 Stanford Digital Cities Summit will explore commercial markets in smart cities, and Inform readers get a 25% discount on passes.

Cities around the world are under pressure – they don’t have the funds to do everything they need to, to maintain infrastructure and improve services for citizens. Increasingly, they have to work more closely with the private sector to achieve these aims.

This closer collaboration with partners is also essential to city leaders understanding not only the new technologies and innovations that are emerging, such as blockchain, AI, autonomous vehicles and predictive analytics, but the impact they could have on government operations and the communities they serve. And, of course, commercial partners get a much better understanding of cities’ requirements and the opportunities available.

Making it pay

These partnerships also throw up new challenges for all parties in the ecosystem. What are the right business models so that everyone (including citizens) benefits? What are the risks of implementing new technologies? How are we going to collectively tackle growing privacy concerns? How is regulation evolving to keep pace with technological shifts?

The 2018 Stanford Digital Cities Summit (February 26 – 27, 2018, Stanford University Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center) will tackle these issues and more, head on. Due to its unique focus on commercial markets in smart cities, the event is of interest to telcos, technology vendors and city leaders alike.

The presentations and debates over the two days will explore the impact of emerging technologies on urban life, in areas including transportation, city infrastructure, construction, aerospace, healthcare, agriculture and environment.

The event will bring together 80 technology and business modeling experts, along with 300 corporate executives from over 100 companies to discuss how disruptive technology is changing commercial markets within cities.

I’ll be speaking on TM Forum’s role in facilitating these partnerships, alongside experts such as Mike Steep, Stanford Global Projects Center’s Digital Cities Program; Bill Beyer, Deloitte; Raymond Levitt, Stanford; Susan Salkind, Stanford; Angela M. Messer, Booz Allen; Bernard Casse, Metawave, and many more.

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