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Open APIs important factor for Three UK in choosing MYCOM OSI for telco cloud

Three UK has selected MYCOM OSI to assure its next-generation core network, which is billed as “the world’s first Telco Cloud”, and TM Forum Open APIs helped the supplier ink the deal.

Three UK is deploying network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) in what MYCOM OSI describes as “the world’s first fully integrated cloud-native core network”. The network is being designed to enable scalability, elasticity and better reliability as demand for VoLTE, high-definition video and other digital services grows. This demand will increase as internet of things (IoT) applications and 5G begin to take off.

Three UK will deploy MYCOM OSI’s Experience Assurance and Analytics (EAA) product suite to monitor the operator’s telco cloud, which is based on the ETSI NFV MANO framework, incorporates open-source technologies, such as Red Hat OpenStack Platform, and spans several new state-of-the-art data centers architected for geographical redundancy and high availability. EAA will assure new virtualized and existing physical networks, and provide closed-loop, assurance-driven orchestration based on end-to-end network and service quality.

“MYCOM OSI were the best fit for our strategy of delivering a quality and reliable network experience for all of our customers,” said Bryn Jones, CTO, Three UK.

The importance of being open

MYCOM OSI’s support for TM Forum Open APIs was a key factor in the decision, as an important feature of EAA is ecosystem and framework-agnostic interoperability to NFV, SDN, virtualization and telco cloud vendors and open source technologies through industry standard open APIs. MYCOM OSI is one of 18 suppliers that have signed TM Forum’s Open API Manifesto publicly demonstrating their endorsement of TM Forum’s suite of Open APIs.

Other important features of EAA include:

  • single, integrated assurance suite that manages end-to-end network and service quality across all hybrid telco and IT network domains;
  • proactive and real-time surveillance with automated bottom-up service impact and top-down root-cause analyses;
  • dynamic onboarding and lifecycle management through catalog-driven service modeling with automated discovery, monitoring, visualization, alerting and analysis for virtual and physical infrastructure components;
  • closed-loop assurance, with policy- and analytics-driven auto-recovery and self-healing support integrating to orchestration engines (service and domain), inventory/configuration management, IT service management;
  • cloud-native and self-orchestrated assurance suite that is based on microservices architecture principles, containerization, big data storage, elastic auto-scaling and agile DevOps development/deployment.

“We are excited and privileged to be selected by Three UK for the world’s foremost network virtualization project,” said MYCOM OSI President and CTO, Mounir Ladki. “While others are debating various approaches and standards, Three has designed a leading architecture, selected leading partners and is now leading its peer group in deploying Telco Cloud.”


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