Action Week: Participants support a manifesto for business assurance

Business assurance (BA) is often viewed as a back-office function, but it is an important overall business requirement. After all, what’s more important than ensuring that revenue is collected and that customers experience a level of service that inspires loyalty and entices them to subscribe to additional services?

To promote recognition of this among the leadership of communications service providers (CSPs) and across divisions and departments within the companies, 15 members of the TM Forum Open Innovate Initiative on Business Assurance in the context of IoE and digital ecosystems signed a Business Assurance Manifesto at Action Week in Lisbon this week.

By bringing attention to the importance of business assurance, the team hopes to attract more people to sign the manifesto. Another goal is to promote cross-team projects within TM Forum collaboration groups such as Customer Centricity, Digital Trust and Monetization.

Participants from companies such as Amdocs, BT, Deutsche Telekom and Telia have signed the manifesto. Below is the text of the document and the names of the individuals who have signed it. If you are interested in signing the manifesto or would like to learn more about the important work the BA team is doing, please contact Thandi Demanet via [email protected].

TM Forum Business Assurance Manifesto

The participants in the TM Forum Open Innovation Initiative on Business Assurance, in the context of IoT (Internet of Things) and the digital, connected economy, agree on the following initial scope and principles of the business assurance (BA) initiative.

The overall goal of the BA initiative is to establish, in a collaborative manner, BA best practices that will improve customer experience and business performance. The following high-level goals have been defined to assure the digital evolution journey of companies:

  • Core business assurance (Function)
    1. Assure profit maximization and value chains
    2. Provide value chain insights/visibility, using data analytics, to improve services and automation
  • Transformation/migration assurance (Organization)
    1. Assure customer experience during change and transformation
    2. Facilitate decision-making on risk and assurance topics
  • Ecosystem assurance (Industry)
    1. Assure digital services so that they work from day one and generate money
    2. Protect and contribute to digital growth

The following cross-area BA capabilities are considered essential capability within any organization:

  • Automated tools to monitor the flow of data and money across value chains
  • Detailed and data-driven risk management
  • Detailed insights into issue resolution including root-causes
  • Cross-domain access to and knowledge of data analytics practices
  • A centre of excellence for proactive assurance and facilitation

These capabilities will be explored, enhanced and strategically placed to fulfill the above stated high-level BA goals.

For business assurance to be effective, guiding principles will be defined, applied and expanded by the team. These principles currently include:

  • BA will create and protect the value of new digital and connected services – “assurance by design”
  • BA will become embedded in decision making processes
  • BA will facilitate the continual optimization of business performance
  • BA will facilitate continual improvement and monetization
  • BA will facilitate the generation and maintenance of trust across ecosystems whilst balancing risk and reward for stakeholders

Signees (person) of this manifesto will actively contribute to the BA initiative and share the BA ambition to:

  • Work in open collaboration to adapt and improve processes within the business assurance scope to better serve businesses/ecosystems
  • Raise the visibility of BA teams working in the business to senior leadership and the wider organization
  • Explore emerging technologies to facilitate the work of teams involved in BA-related areas

 Signed 7 February 2018:


Rene FelberMarc KnaapenMarius SagataviciusAndreas Manolis
Luis RebeloAshwin ChalapathyRaphael De AguiarGadi Solotorevski
Uwe FlüsGina PeshevaLuís BrásMiguel Reis
Isaac MorenoThandi DemanetAndrea Cerritelli 


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