Action Week: Get to know these outstanding contributors

During each TM Forum Action Week event, we recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to our Collaboration Program. These individuals spend countless hours beyond their ‘day jobs’ working on the important standards and best practices TM Forum contributes to the communications industry. At the event in Lisbon this week, we recognized five members whose dedication inspires us.

Gnanapriya (Priya) Chidambaranathan, Infosys

Priya has been a great advocate of the Open API and Catalyst programs for several years. She has ensured support for the Open API Manifesto and continues to guide alignment of Infosys’ strategy with the manifesto. Priya also has volunteered to lead several Catalyst projects and has encouraged her team to take leadership roles. Under her guidance, Infosys has consistently showcased projects at multiple events, including the award-winning Logical factory Catalyst at TM Forum Live! 2017. Priya ensures strong representation of Infosys across many collaborative areas, such as API and Information Framework mapping.

Hongxia (Helen) Hao, Huawei

Helen has been an active contributor to the TM Forum Collaboration Program for many years. Recently, she has taken a leading role in the Open API Program guiding work on five APIs: Change Management, Communication, Recommendation, Service Quality Management and Service Test Management. Helen has also demonstrated her leadership in the development of reference implementations and compliance toolkits.

Stephen Harrop, Vodafone

Steve has been instrumental in the development and leadership of the API governance system, helping to define a mechanism that lets us industrialize API development and use a proven system for managing so many deliverables. He tackled the open Jira requests that had built up and categorized them, assigned meaningful owners, and created visualizations to help everyone on the team understand exactly where they stand and how they can help in managing the backlog while continuing to address open issues and other project objectives.

Ludovic Robert, Orange

Ludovic is instrumental in the alignment activities between TM Forum, MEF and ONAP. He is heavily involved in TM Forum and the other organizations, and plays a key role in ensuring alignment across the industry. Ludovic has shown great leadership with strategic relationships and their importance to telecoms in general and the TM Forum community specifically.

Vincent Seet, Globe Telecom

As a first time Catalyst Project leader, Vincent proved to be an inspiring mentor for his teams. He lead the award-winning Cognitive digital agent project and later the OAsIS Catalyst. Vincent is hoping to repeat success with a new blockchain Catalyst at Digital Transformation World in Nice. He has been a valuable TM Forum supporter and ambassador, helping us strengthen relationships with leading organizations across the Asia-Pacific region.


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