Action Week: TM Forum honors outstanding contributors

During each Action Week event, TM Forum recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to our collaboration program. At the event in Vancouver today, we recognized seven members whose dedication has inspired us.

Christine Anderson, Deloitte Consulting

Anderson has been instrumental in developing the Forum’s new Digital Maturity Model (DMM). She led the Lisbon Action Week workshop on DMM, and has consistently provided hands-on, detailed project management support for her colleagues and offered strategy and advice throughout the first two phases of development of the DMM.

Milind Bhagwat, BT

Bhagwat has led two important TM Forum Catalyst projects, ‘Real Virtuality‘ and ‘5G Service Operations‘, which were recently demonstrated at TM Forum Live! 2017 in Nice. He also has led joint work between the Open API and Zero-touch Orchestration, Operations and Management (ZOOM) projects and has played a key role in developing the Resource Function API. Milind has also been instrumental in the successful delivery of TM Forum Open APIs applied in a network functions virtualization context.

Steve Fratini, Ericsson

It is a great testament to Steve’s longstanding dedication to TM Forum collaboration that he has already received this award multiple times (and likely will again!). Steve has co-led the ZOOM Hybrid Infrastructure Platform (HIP) workstream, ZOOM cross-stream activities and joint ZOOM/API activities.

Steve has demonstrated exemplary management of the team with an exceptional capacity to contribute to many releases. His work ethic, enthusiasm and technical talents have ensured delivery of many TM Forum assets, and his work on connectivity patterns and advanced platforms has been particularly well received and appreciated.

Tim Morgan, Huawei

Tim has led multiple project teams with great success, especially his major contribution to the Forum’s customer centricity program, having effectively led the Omnichannel track for Release 17; keeping up momentum and helping gel the team together. He was also a key contributor to the Catalyst project, APPEX Omnichannel, winning ‘Best Use of TM Forum assets’ at TM Forum Live! Asia in 2016 and winning ‘Outstanding Performance in the Catalyst Program’ at TM Forum Live! Nice this year.

Michael Mulquin, IS Communications

Michael is a prolific contributor to many smart city initiatives around the world, and we are fortunate to have his expertise for our Smart City Forum. Michael has been leading the work on our Smart City Maturity Model and has been instrumental in developing the City as a Platform workstream, linking business capabilities to technical capabilities and APIs. He has been a great supporter of TM Forum Live! and has participated in the Smart City InFocus in Yinchuan, China, two years in a row.

Takayuki Nakamura, NTT

Taka has been a great advocate of the Open API Program, specifically supporting the NTT Group signing of the Open API manifesto. Taka has led NTT’s commitment to the program over many releases leading the development of a series of APIs including the Resource Pool Management and Service Problem Management APIs. He has also been a key contributor to the “Connected Citizen” and “5G Service Operations” Catalyst projects.

Johan Vandenberghe, Nokia Bell Labs Consulting

Like Steve Fratini, Johan is building up quite a collection of outstanding contributor awards! Johan has consistently shown dedication, leadership and direction for a highly respected technical team, collaborating to publish the Digital Platform Reference Architecture (DPRA). He also has worked to reissue and align the Digital Services Reference Architecture (DSRA). These exist today only as a result of Johan’s leadership, perseverance and many hours of individual and collaborative work.


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