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Open Hack: Network slicing exposes winning innovation

The latest in the Forum’s series of successful competitive hacks took place this week at TM Forum Live! in Nice. The 11 teams’ solutions again showed the power and flexibility of open APIs and how they enable rapid development.

The Open Hack, run in partnership with Vodafone, Huawei and Salesforce, buzzed with collaboration and creativity for two days as the participants competed to build an app or product that would have a big impact on industry or people’s lives through an efficient design. This was the first time that network slicing was exposed in any global hackathon (as far as TM Forum is aware), which is perhaps the most keenly anticipated capability from by 5G.

The hackers were given access to an ecosystem platform, TM Forum’s Open API suite plus APIs from Salesforce, data from the city of Nice, and a virtual drone provided by Vodafone. Huawei also made its big data, revenue management and IES network capabilities available.

The teams came from all over the globe and from universities, large corporations, incubators and startups. The judging criteria were:

  • best use of APIs and technology exposed
  • use of at least one TM Forum API
  • best overall technology design, involving minimal new code and the fewest clicks
  • innovation and creativity, focusing on how disruptive the idea was
  • impact and value to industry or society
  • completeness and readiness for deployment.

The judging panel comprised Dr. Lester Thomas, Chief IT Systems Architect, Vodafone; Pierre Gauthier, Chief API Architect, TM Forum; Karen McAllister, Regional Vice President Communications, Salesforce; Joann O’Brien VP of Ecosystems and APIs, TM Forum; Helen Zhang, Director of Marketing Execution, Software Product Line, Huawei; and Abhi Sur, Director of Communications Architecture, Salesforce.

And the winners are…

Each team gave a short presentation of their solution at the end of the second day and after some considerable deliberation by the judges, Port-omatic, with its Southampton Port-omatic Smart Port Platform, were crowned the winners. Joe Appleton, Jergus Lejko, Michael Sievenpiper and Marcin Wisniewski, all from Southampton Solent University, as well as Craig Gallen from network management platform OpenNMS, made up Tuesday’s victorious team. The group used drones as a service to monitor the pollution ships bring into Southampton.

“They demonstrated fantastic use of all the available technology,” explained TM Forum’s O’Brien, adding “They chose a problem relevant to the City of Nice and their home city, that could have a significant impact on society and business by ensuring a better quality environment at ports.”

Runners up and special mentions

The OpenHack Water Savers team came second. It sought to encourage citizens to report leaks, dry plant areas and water breeding sites (where mosquito-based viruses often originate). The idea was that drones and IoT meters would be dispatched to examine the situation and action could be taken on any valid claims. Presenting the award, TM Forum’s Gauthier stated “We liked the application, and the use of the API’s. It’s a very useful set of platform services that could be used effectively in my country [Canada] where we face issues about water management and planning.”

Iterfacio’s team of two came third with a 5G security project, described by Vodafone’s Thomas as “genuinely valuable to society”. It used Huawei’s API as service manager, and Salesforce’s APIs for secure identity and access management, device monitoring and trouble ticket systems.

Team 5, made up of employees from Bouygues Telecom, received a special mention by Salesforce and Huawei for its ‘Wrap’ application enabling tourists in Nice to check their data usage and buy additional data, as well as accessing points of interest in Nice. Salesforce felt the team demonstrated the best understanding and use of the platform, while Huawei recognized how the team’s ideas could be extended.

Vodafone awarded its special prize to Port-O-Matic for making the the best use of the drone API.

Enabling the fourth industrial revolution

TM Forum’s Open Hacks are designed to showcase how its Open APIs foster rapid innovation by ‘plug and play’ with other open technologies to pull new services together fast. Standards for interoperability are essential to the digital future, alongside big trends like big data and analytics, security, privacy and, soon, blockchain – often described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

TM Forum congratulates everyone who took part and make this Open Hack such a great success.

Find out more about TM Forum’s suite of Open APIs and how they are being developed and deployed by some of the world’s largest network operators and their technology partners. Get involved and shape the future by contacting Joann O’Brien directly!






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