TM Forum honors outstanding member contributions at Action Week

At Action Week in Lisbon today, TM Forum announced that five individuals have been honored with its Outstanding Contributor Award.

Now in its 19th year, TM Forum’s Outstanding Contributor Award recognizes members who have contributed significantly to the Forum’s Collaborative R&D efforts to drive digital business excellence, best practices and standards.

Presented by the Forum’s Strategy Committee, this award honors individuals who make an exceptional effort in driving progress and adding value to TM Forum’s Collaboration projects. These projects, which bring together diverse members from around the world, provide a unique platform for sharing knowledge and continuous innovation to solve pressing challenges and enhance industry best practices and standards. TM Forum’s newest Outstanding Contributors are:

  • Rene Felber, Telia Company is recognized as a vocal, active, and long-standing leader in the areas of revenue assurance and fraud management. Rene continuously strives to demonstrate the value of these topics for TM Forum members, and his promotion of TM Forum’s revenue assurance best practices and standards have ensured their global recognition and adoption.
  • Gene Glaudell, Gn0man has been a high impact contributor since joining TM Forum. He is a natural collaborator who brings a sense of teamwork to every meeting he attends. Gene’s vision for digital monetization, trust, security, privacy and business scenarios over the last 12 months has greatly impacted various teams and the content they produce.
  • Luis Velarde, Téléfonica has been an outstanding contributor for several years. Most recently, Luis led the development of three new compliance test kits and Open API conformance profiles, laying the foundations for an Open API conformance program.
  • Nicoleta Stoica, Vodafone Group has had a tremendous impact across TM Forum’s Open API program. As a new contributor, Nicoleta has become a critical player to the Open API team. She led the development effort on the Service Inventory Management Open API and contributed to a number of the thirteen new Open API specifications recently released by the program, driving consistency and strong technical governance.
  • Clara van Staden, Globetom is recognized for her strong leadership and ownership across the Forum’s Open API program. She led her team in releasing TM Forum’s first Loyalty Management API, which ensures that the industry can focus on the design of their loyalty management programs rather than the day-to-day implementations.

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“The expertise of our members and their consistent dedication to advancing the outcomes of the projects is what powers TM Forum’s Collaborative R&D Programs. We are particularly grateful for the contributions of these five individuals in a number of varied projects,” said Nik Willetts, Acting CEO, TM Forum. “The work driven by these individuals gives our members the highest possible caliber of solutions to solve the key challenges facing communications service providers on a broad range of topics – from the Internet of Everything and Trust to Open APIs and NFV. Congratulations to each of our Outstanding Contributors, and our heartfelt thanks to all of our members who contribute to our rapidly growing collaboration programs.”


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