IDC announces smart city winners 

IDC recently announced the winners of the AP Smart City Evolution Index competition (excluding Japan – APeJ), following its launch last July. This was based on 14 smart city services.

Singapore and Mainland China emerged as the big winners, topping four and three categories, respectively.

The complete list of winners in the 14 categories are:

IDC winners

IDC Government Insights went through a three-phased benchmarking exercise to determine the top smart city initiative winners.

These included:

  • identifying and cataloging the key smart city projects in Asia/Pacific by IDC Analysts across APeJ
  • online voting to determine public opinion
  • assessment of an International Advisory Council

In August 2015, a public survey was conducted with 500 unique entries submitted from the APeJ region, focusing on the shortlisted cities competing in the 14 categories.  This was followed by a voting session by an international panel of senior IDC analysts from the US and EMEA regions.

Leading cities in China

IDC has also announced the winners of the 2015 China Leading Smart Cities Awards. A total of 20 cities from Mainland China are recognized for their exceptional achievements in smart city development.


IDC’s analysis found several characteristics and trends that were common in all 20 award-winning cities:

  • Top-down design:formulating their smart city development plans based on city-level overall planning;
  • Effectively leverage emerging technologies, especially third-platform technologies such as cloud computing, big data, mobile, and social media in smart city development;
  • Resident-oriented, they focus on and give priority to meeting practical needs of local residents in everyday life;
  • Narrow scope of specialization based on their city’s advantageous characteristics, making key deployments in one or more fields to build smart cities with a unique identity.

The winners of the AP Smart City Evolution Index and the China Leading Smart Cities Awards will be recognized at the 2015 Asia Pacific Leading Smart City and Vendor Awards Gala Dinner to be held at the 2015 Asia Pacific Smart City Development Forum on November 17, 2015 in Shenzhen, China.


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