And the Catalyst winners are….

At TM Forum Live! 2015  on Wednesday June 3, the 2015 Catalyst Award winners were announced. Projects related to eHealth, smart cities, hybrid networks, and dynamic APIs have been recognized for their innovative concepts and contributions to TM Forum Frameworx™ suite of best practices and standards. Catalysts are rapid-fire proof-of-concept projects which connect communications and digital service providers, technology suppliers, and global enterprises to create innovative solutions to common industry challenges.

The four winning projects were selected from a record-breaking 19 Catalysts showcased at TM Forum Live!, and were recognized at the Expo Theater on Wednesday, June 3rd. Winners were judged by TM Forum’s Strategy and Adoption Subcommittee, which oversees the effective creation and adoption of pragmatic best practices and standards to deliver value to TM Forum’s membership.

The 2015 Catalyst projects spanned NFV / SDN, digital health, cyber security, data monetization, customer experience management & customer centricity, smart cities, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and more.

The 2015 Catalyst Award winners are:

Most Innovative Catalyst
  • Digital health

Awarded to the Catalyst team with the most innovative concept and demonstration.

This Catalyst demonstrates how partners can leverage TM Forum Open Digital APIs for Catalog Management, Order Management, and Billing, along with the effective use of the new Open Digital business canvas to create multi-partner, M2M based healthcare solutions.

  • Champions: Orange, Verizon
  • Participants: Ericsson, BaseN
Most Significant Contribution to Frameworx
  • Dynamic APIs for the Connected Carrier

Awarded to the Catalyst team that produces or contributes the most to Frameworx evolution. 

This Catalyst shows that TM Forum Open Digital APIs can be used to integrate with an NFV MANO Orchestration for Domain Orchestration and leveraged to support diverse marketplaces where products are routinely composed of partner components.

  • Champions: AT&T, Verizon, Orange, BT, Vodafone, NTT
  • Participants:, EnterpriseWeb, Comverse, DGIT
  • Supporters: NBN Co, Qosmos
Best Adoption of Frameworx
  •  Recover First, Resolve Next: Closed Loop Control for Managing Hybrid Networks

Awarded to the Catalyst team that produces the most effective implementation or proof-of-concept of a Frameworx best practice or standard, demonstrating the value of the assets and encouraging adoption.

This Catalyst project demonstrates the move toward closed-loop control of hybrid networks (traditional and virtualized). It brings out challenges and demonstrates potential solutions relevant for CSPs operating hybrid mobile networks such as automated fault recovery and SLA-driven closed-loop control to remediate service performance issues.

  • Champions: AT&T, Orange, KDDI R&D Laboratories
  • Participants: IBM, Nokia, Cisco, Tech Mahindra, Hewlett-Packard
Best New Catalyst
  • Enabling the Smart City Digital Ecosystem

Awarded to the Catalyst team with the best new concept and use case.

This Catalyst focuses on the Smart City use case of MK:Smart (Milton Keynes UK) and addresses how to commercially enable the ecosystem of information providers, application developers, service providers, end users, and M2M interfaces. It demonstrates the Data Hub as a key enabler, with live use cases such as transport, water, energy and waste disposal, leveraging streamed data from prototype sensor networks in Milton Keynes and additional data and services from ecosystem partners.  

  • Champions:  BT, The Agile Fractal Grid
  • Participants:  BearingPoint, The Open University, Cloudsoft, The University of Bedfordshire
  • Supporters: MK:Smart

“The Catalyst projects showcased at TM Forum Live! this year were incredibly innovative, addressing new concepts and the progress of new technologies such as network functions virtualization policy-based management, customer centricity, smart energy and eHealth,” said Nik Willetts, Chief Digital Officer, TM Forum. “These Catalysts bring together the best of the best in the industry, and our sincere congratulations to the winners and to all those who participated for their outstanding work.”

Joining the four Catalyst Award winners were 15 additional innovative Catalyst projects, including:

  • Smart Energy: Connecting the Smart City Home to the Grid featuring BC Hydro, Birmingham City University, Hydro Quebec, BaseN, Infonova, and Esri
  • Smart Cities: Fast Building Environment for Value Generation featuring Verizon, China Unicom, Prefeitura Porto Alegre, Telefonica, Antel, Chunghwa Telecom, Aguas de Sao Pedro, Esri, ISPM, Huawei, and Ideasoft
  • Dynamic Pricing Solutions for Data Center Digital Services featuring Verizon, Sigma Systems, Microsoft, and DigitalRoute


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