Your health records on Facebook?

Would you like your health records on Facebook? Strange as it may sound one writer thought it would be an ideal place to store personal records that could be retrieved as required by health professionals.

Melissa McCormack wrote that her Facebook user’s timeline provides both a snapshot of who she is and a historical record of her activity on Facebook. “My Facebook timeline is about me, and fittingly, I control it. It’s also one, single profile. Anyone I allow to view my timeline views my timeline—they don’t each create their own copies of it.

Intuitive, right? So why don’t medical records work that way? There is no unified, single patient record—every doctor I’ve ever visited has his or her own separate copy of my records. And in an age where we can conduct banking transactions on my smartphone, many patients still can’t access or contribute to the medical records their doctors keep for them.”
Melisa’s proposal? Medical records should follow Facebook’s lead. Read full story here….


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