City as a Platform Manifesto gaining (even more) ground

The City of Barcelona and Dubai’s ‘Smart Dubai’ initiative have both signed on to TM Forum’s City as a Platform Manifesto, bringing the total number of signatories to more than 85.

We reported the launch of the manifesto in September, where signatories at our smart city event in Yinchuan agreed to ten common principles to support the growth of the smart city initiative in their own areas and worldwide, including principles around the sharing economy, ecosystems, governance, common standards and politics.

“The cities that use modern digital technology to create a better experience for each and every citizen, are the true smart cities. TM Forum’s city platform principles offer great guidelines to achieve this goal,” said Suvi Linden, Member of the United Nations Broadband Commission and former Minister of Communications in Finland.

The ten principles essentially act as guide to those setting public policy, and a design philosophy to unite the many organizations involved in each smart city program, including large and small technology companies.

“In addition to a relentless focus on citizens, there is a huge untapped economic agenda to consider for city governments,” said Carl Piva, Vice President and Managing Director of TM Forum’s smart city initiative. “According to a recent study by Frost & Sullivan, the smart city market alone is estimated to be worth 1.5 trillion USD by 2020. Cities are, and always have been, the largest marketplaces on earth, and the time is right for cities to also develop digital marketplaces that benefit people living in cities. Cities are where digital ecosystems collide.”

While monetization will become a focus, the fundamental goal of a city platform is to improve life in the city, according to Jamie Cudden, Head of Smart Dublin. Dublin is one of the signatories of the manifesto.

“The manifesto’s focus on collaboration and openness will help cities to realize this ambition,” he said. “In Dublin, we see the City as a Platform as a key enabler to develop evidence based solutions that will enhance city living.”

In addition to Dublin many other cities and government organizations have signed the manifesto, such as: Atlanta; Barcelona; Belfast; Chicago; Cyberjaya; Dubai; Dublin; Las Vegas; Leeds; Limerick; Liverpool; Manchester; Medellin; Miami; Milton Keynes; Sao Paulo; Tampere; Utrecht; Wellington; Yinchuan; the European Commission and the United Nations Broadband Commission; global communications service providers (CSPs) and technology firms including Orange, Tele2, NEC; associations and other institutions including CABA, FIWARE Foundation, Fraunhofer, Future Cities Catapult; Leading Cities and OASC; and the Universities of Bristol and Manchester.

The future is collaboration

The Forum has always propagated a collaborative approach through initiatives such as the manifesto, as well as our collaboration projects and our Catalyst programs. Our members as well as signatories to the manifesto are embracing this approach after seeing the positive effects of collaboration such as clear communication and rapid innovation.

“The success of our approach to the Smart City model resides in the idea of fostering collaboration instead of competition,” commented Antonio Ceño, Global Head of Public Administration Solutions, Indra (one of the signatories. “Having created an open ecosystem […] cities and universities have generated a constantly-growing community where the combined value generated is immensely greater than the sum of the values each one could separately provide.”

Sign TM Forum’s City as a Platform Manifesto today.


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