TM Forum launches Revenue Assurance survey with maturity self-assessment

TM Forum’s Revenue Assurance (RA) team is conducting its annual RA survey to help telcos assess current trends and improve their RA programs. Make your voice heard and as a result gain access to the Forum’s Revenue Assurance Maturity Model (RAMM2), an important benchmarking tool.

Since its inception in 2012, the RA survey report has been widely used by RA practitioners around the world. Get a free copy of the RA survey report 2016. The survey questions have been continuously developed ever since to cover the needs of the fast-changing industry, and this year introduces two new features:

  1. Benchmark reporting for revenue assurance group functions and their operational companies; and
  2. RA function self-assessment on selected strategic capabilities.

“It [the report]showed the bigger picture, enabling the diversity of the local operations to be seen in context, and it became one of the drivers for Deutsche Telekom group RA strategy.” Gjurgjica Gina Pesheva, Senior Expert, Revenue Assurance, Deutsche Telekom AG

Why participate?

The survey, which is open to members and non-members, runs through November 27 – Take it now:

    Assess the fitness of your core revenue assurance (RA) capabilities.
    Receive a survey report with an in-depth analysis of all responses. You’ll also receive a report providing you with light benchmarking around selected high interest areas to see where you stand in comparison to the rest of the industry.
    Connect with the active TM Forum Revenue Assurance collaboration project to be part of a strong global network and receive key insights providing strategy and roadmap tips to achieve your future target state.

“I gain insights for myself while doing it [the survey], i.e. running through RAMM assessment enables me to find weaknesses and benchmark the current health of RA function in my company.” Marius Sagatavicius, Head of Prevention Team, Telia Lithuania.

The survey is completely anonymous and consists of 28 straightforward questions.


    About The Author

    Head of Risk & Assurance

    Rene is Head of Risk & Assurance at Telia Company, Finland. He is responsible for managing GRC (governance, risk & compliance), fraud management, revenue assurance and credit control. He has also been the leader of the TM Forum’s global RA survey since 2014. Additionally, Rene is one of the driving forces behind the new TM Forum’s Business Assurance Initiative. In his co-lead role, Rene’s ambition is to help professions in the Business Assurance area to acquire capabilities to master future challenges and to become proactive value drivers in their companies. Rene has over 15 years of industry expertise and has spent 10 years in international consulting and auditing, with a background in GRC, RA and outsourcing/partner management. He recently received an outstanding contributor award for thought leadership in his area.

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