BT says global business as a platform is market first

The platform-based service, BT Personalised Compute Management System (PCMS), is designed to help companies get digital services and new business models to market faster. It leverages BT’s managed cloud of clouds ecosystem, which enables users to buy, sell and self-administer cloud services online, and was developed using TM Forum’s Catalyst projects, best practices and standards. Read all about its development and deployment in this case study.

According to BT, customers “will gain access to ready-made business support processes and functions to enable them to sell, fulfill and monetize their own portfolio of digital services. Customers wanting rapid entry into the cloud market will be able to resell BT’s existing digital ecosystem services such as Cloud Compute, Compute Storage and Apps from BT available from a choice of 22 locations around the world. This can be for internal consumption or for sale to their own customers, value added resellers or to cross-sell to other PCMS users.”

If you’re confused…

PCMS could be used as a wholesale or retail channel, depending on what customers are trying to achieve for themselves and/or their customers. If you’re getting in a bit of a whirl with this, think about Amazon. You can sell stuff through the Marketplace on Amazon retail websites or use Amazon Web Services to set up your own online store, or you can do both, maybe taking different approaches in different markets. In all instances, you are Amazon’s customer (and probably competitor), retail, wholesale or a combination of the two.

For wholesale users of PCMS, there are more than 45 digitalized business support processes, like product management, customer management, user authentication, order management, service management and billing and collections.

Then there is a global catalog of business support services that can simplify how customers manage their digital services globally: apparently PCMS supports multiple sales and execution channels, each with the appropriate local language, currency, pricing and contract terms (developed through a series of TM Forum Catalyst projects).

The platform will be available worldwide by the end of 2017.


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