IoE: Tackling the trillions-of-dollars opportunity

If you want to make money from the Internet of Everything (IoE), this is for you – as IoE’s focus shifts from connectivity and devices to services, features and platforms.

Craig Bachmann, who leads TM Forum’s Internet of Everything (IoE)* Applied Innovation Program, says, “People talk about a $10 to $20 trillion opportunity, depending on how you count it. But the biggest challenges are monetization, management and trust. Over the last few months, people have seen a lot of hacking and DDoS [distributed denial of service]attacks and some terrible things happening.

“It’s put even more pressure on everyone’s ability to understand monetization and the risk and reward associated with IoE services. That’s what drove this purpose-built conference in Amsterdam in October (see live agenda). It’s going to have a broad agenda for executives, from CIOs and chief security officers (privacy and trust are key to monetization, including digital trust), plus product managers and business assurance folks, among others.”

He adds, “A diverse range of people have to address these issues together, from the communications industry, through every associated digital ecosystem associated with IoE”

The three key takeaways from this conference will be:

  • How do you share risk and reward, and where are the tools to help you model these things?
  • How do you execute revenue and business assurance across ecosystems?
  • How do you integrate new innovations, like blockchain and smart contracts? How do you implement new techniques and technologies?

Craig concludes, “Other events have tended to concentrate on different types of connectivity and device management. As the opportunity turns from device-focused, to service-focused, to feature-focused and integration into platforms, this event is unique in looking at the monetization, management and trust parts together.” See you there.

Watch the video to see Craig’s interview.

* The Forum uses the term IoE instead of Internet of Things because it includes two other critical aspects – processes and people.



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